Winton Solar Farm is located around 25km south-west of Wangaratta, near the town of Winton, in the shire of Benalla in central north Victoria. The site is private land and covers approximately 250Ha of agricultural land currently used for livestock grazing.

  • The choice of location for the Winton Solar Farm is driven by two main factors. Firstly, the northern regions of Victoria have the highest levels of solar irradiation in the State. Secondly, the site is ideally located for exporting the solar farm’s electricity into the national electricity grid via the existing Glenrowan substation.
  • The site itself is largely flat, with excellent drainage features, and has been previously cleared for agricultural (grazing) use. Given this, environmental impacts of the development have been low.
  • Input into how the solar farm can be developed to avoid impacts has been sought from local groups, including the Regent Honeyeater Project. FRV has continued working with the Group and residents to build on the extensive work they have done to create significant areas of habitat for this species.