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Winton Solar Farm Bushfire Mitigation Plan

September 17, 2021

In preparation for Operations, the Winton Solar Farm Asset Management team has prepared a comprehensive Bushfire Mitigation Plan.  Developed in consultation with the local CFA, this plan outlines strategies and actions to protect human life, property, cultural and natural values from fire.

A copy of this plan is available here.

This plan has been developed in accordance with the requirements of Electrical Safety Act 1998 Section 83 Division 1A.

Ongoing consultation and collaboration with fire services, neighbours and other key stakeholders will continue to ensure our approach to managing solar farm Operations reflect the interests and attitudes of the local community.


FRV Updates

Bernard Briggs Pre-school is expected to save around $1500 a year on electricity, thanks to some newly installed solar panels.

Benalla Hockey Club and Glenrowan Primary School have been hard at work upgrading sports equipment and school facilities. Both have been recipients of the recent Community Grants Program, with funding allocated to support community lead initiatives.


Moree Solar Farm began operations in 2016 and was the first large-scale solar project in Australia to use a single-axis tracking system.


Lilyvale Solar Farm near Emerald, Queensland (100MW)

Financial close of the Lilyvale Solar Farm was achieved during September 2017 with operations expected to commence in 2018. The project will benefit from a PPA with Ergon Energy, the QLD-government owned retailer, part of the Energy Queensland group, who will purchase 100% of the electricity generated by the project.