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Farming continues at Winton Solar Farm

May 19, 2022

Winton Solar Farm has been working closely with its site neighbours over the last few months to secure agreement for sheep grazing to continue on the site.

AgriSolar is the latest development in the renewables industry, making use of land for energy production, grazing and other agriculture activities.

Industry experts say that solar grazing can improve animal welfare and enhance agricultural activities, providing protection from the elements.

Under the agreement solar grazing agreement, 600 sheep will graze the site, helping to maintain grass levels around the solar farm, and avoid the use of mechanical and chemical weed management.

Near neighbour, Tony Mort, said: “It’s great to be a part of Winton Solar Farm’s thinking as to how the land can be utilized for more than just power generation”.

“It’s early days and both the solar farm and I are on a learning curve but I’m wrapt they have chosen to work with neighbours as I believe this is a win-win situation,” he said.

The agreement demonstrates how agriculture and renewable energy can work together to effectively manage sites and share land.

FRV Updates

Bernard Briggs Pre-school is expected to save around $1500 a year on electricity, thanks to some newly installed solar panels.

Benalla Hockey Club and Glenrowan Primary School have been hard at work upgrading sports equipment and school facilities. Both have been recipients of the recent Community Grants Program, with funding allocated to support community lead initiatives.


Moree Solar Farm began operations in 2016 and was the first large-scale solar project in Australia to use a single-axis tracking system.


Lilyvale Solar Farm near Emerald, Queensland (100MW)

Financial close of the Lilyvale Solar Farm was achieved during September 2017 with operations expected to commence in 2018. The project will benefit from a PPA with Ergon Energy, the QLD-government owned retailer, part of the Energy Queensland group, who will purchase 100% of the electricity generated by the project.